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Nude ballet dancer’s video

Every time I look at nude ballet dancers, I remember a story that happened a long time ago. A friend of mine, knowing about my love for flexible naked girls, invited me to a casting for the ballet studio. Many beautiful beauties demonstrated all their skills in front of our eyes, doing pirouettes and performing unthinkable splits. I really liked the way one slender girl with big grey eyes danced. It seemed that she gave herself up to the dance to the fullest and when the music began to play, she gave herself up to the dance completely. Her dance was wonderful. But unfortunately, she did not pass the selection. I didn’t know then that all the seats had been allocated in advance, and the selection was a simple formality.

Nude ballet dancers

Naked ballerina’s video

When the casting was over, I went outside and saw this girl crying. I decided to console her and offered to give her a ride home. I was very sorry for this slender girl, but even more I wanted to kiss her little tear-stained face. I accompanied her to the entrance and she unexpectedly invited me to coffee at her house. And for some reason, I did not refuse.

Her apartment turned out to be equipped with a pylon and rings. This beauty trained on them in her free time. The girl went into the kitchen to make coffee, and I stayed in the room. After a while, soft music was heard and this nude ballet dancer danced an amazing pole dance. I sat next to her and felt the scent of her pink pussy when she lifted her leg, stretching in the twine. I could not resist and began to kiss and lick the legs of this flexible naked girl. And when she began to stroke my penis with her legs, I felt that I was about to finish.

Super flexible naked ballerinas

Nude ballerina

Then I noticed that this hot babe hung clamps on her small nipples. I decided to take them off her and began to feverishly kiss her petite tits with reddened nipples. The piercing glittered on this girl’s clit. Her pussy lips needed to be licked. I ran my tongue several times over her wet pussy, and then lifted her weightless body up. She grabbed the rings hanging from the ceiling, and I began to rub her swollen clit with my cock. I didn’t want to enter this naked ballerina, but at some point, she kissed me passionately and sat on my penis. I began to move quickly in her pussy, and I even had to stop several times so as not to cum. When this nude ballet dancer started to cum, I felt her throbbing pussy squeezing my cock. I pulled it out and made a cumshot on her small tits. Then we had fun until the morning. She gave me a blowjob, standing in the bridge. Also, this naked ballerina threw her legs in front of her hands and gave me full access to her clit. And I licked and sucked it with great pleasure. And in the morning I left and never saw her again. But I always think about her when I watch yoga porn videos with nude gymnastics and other flexible naked girls.

The hottest nude gymnastics exercises

Nude gymnastics video

It was always interesting for me to watch nude gymnastics. I have heard that these modest-looking girls can be very naughty. But I would never have believed it if I had not seen the video from a hidden camera in the locker rooms. The video showed how three girls, wrapped in towels, came out of the shower. Two of them without hesitation threw off the towel and remained naked. And one of them was shy and insecure. Two flexible naked girls decided to help her and relieve tension by pulling off the towel. Nude gymnastic was confused and tried to cover her small titties and pussy with her hands.

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But the girls did not let her do it. They threatened her that if she is not obedient, they will fuck her with a gymnastic club. The girls grabbed her and began to drive the gymnastic ribbon over her clit and nipples. And the small nipples of this flexible naked girl became hard. She was leaned against the wall and her long leg was lifted up to have full access to her virgin vagina. Her pussy lips were wet and swollen. Naughty girls kissed her neck and back and also began pinching and groping her small tits. Then they began stroking her pink clit with their fingers and inserted a finger into her pussy. They caressed her until she shook and finished. Now, according to her friends, she was ready for the next workouts. By the way, these flexible girls came to some workouts absolutely naked. But that’s a completely different story…

Nude ballet

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